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[...] but I propose a rival view of "originality" – quotation marks around originality.

I don't think originalty has any value as a description of process.
In that regard it's as meaningless a process word as beauty is.
No artist says "Let me sit down and do some beauty now."

I think originality is a word of praise for things that have been expressed in a marvellous way
and that make points of origin for any particular element beside the point.

When you read Saul Bellow or listen to Bob Dylan sing,
you can have someone point to various cribbings and it won't matter,
because something has been arrived
at which subsumes and incorporates and trascends these matters.
In that way, sourcing and originality are two sides of the same coin,
they're a nested partnership.

You want to feel surprised. [...]
You, the author, want to experience something that feels surprising and uncanny and native.
You want to take all your sourcing and turn it into an experience that
– for you first and foremost, and then of course for the reader –
feels strong or urgent in a way that mimics some kind of natural, automatic process.

Jonathan Lethem




Screen printed (white)
Trasnfer (orange)


A boatskin knows
everything about the sea



Handmade in Italy
Aniline calfskin
Crocodile embossed calfskin
Canvas lining
Matte black studs
Invisibile zipper
Adjustable padded straps

Maison Martinez MODEL#01 Backpack Maison Martinez MODEL#01 Backpack Editorial Maison Martinez MODEL#01 Backpack Editorial

Published on
Highsnobiety (Jun 9, 2016)
Black-Flag (Jun 9, 2016)



Victory artwork Death artwork Maison Martinez texture artwork



Ispired by nature
Digital printed
Square format (40x40cm)

Freedom artwork triptych 03 Freedom artwork triptych 02 Freedom artwork triptych 01


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