Nutella is one of the Italian most loved brands but, starting from 2017, young people don’t think about it anymore.

So, a new limited edition made of three special jars has been created and the packagings have been redesigned using memorable statements.

Bumper Ads

To spread everywhere these messages, hundreds of unskippable bumper ads have been created, each one with a different copy and jar, and thanks to the Google’s Director Mix the right one have been shown when a user has performed a specific search.


popup image
popup image

The jars: the whole research and design proposals.

The World’s most famous memes where used and transformed to match the Nutella style.
Agency: BCube, Milan
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stanich
Creative Director: Arturo Dodaro
Senior Art Director: Andrea Afeltra
Art Director: Giulia Mangano
Senior Copywriter: Davide Arini
Copywriter: Carlo Rocchietta
Copywriter: Giovanni Piroli
Photographer: Studio Ros
Published: October 2018