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Nutella is one of the Italian most loved brands but, starting from 2017, young people don’t think about it anymore. So, a new limited edition made of three special jars has been created and the packagings have been redesigned using memorable statements.

Agency: BCube, Milan
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stanich
Creative Director: Arturo Dodaro
Senior Art Director: Andrea Afeltra
Art Director: Giulia Mangano
Senior Copywriter: Davide Arini
Copywriter: Carlo Rocchietta
Copywriter: Giovanni Piroli
Photographer: Studio Ros
Published: October 2018

Bumper Ads

To spread everywhere these messages, hundreds of unskippable bumper ads have been created, each one with a different copy and jar, and thanks to the Google’s Director Mix the right one have been shown when a user has performed a specific search.

The campaign also involved several different media, such as print, OOH, Banners, Facebook and Instagram.


popup image
popup image

The jars: the whole research and design proposals.

The World’s most famous memes where used and transformed to match the Nutella style.