The Fishables

The Fishables is a story: once upon a time there was a ship full of fruits and vegetables. Then its whole load ended up in the ocean, turning fish and vegetables into a big family.

From that moment, fishes turned into Fishables: a visual crasis between fishes, fruits and vegetables. Every member of the family has its own nature, its personality, and even the names are crasis between the vegetable name and the adjective that describes the personality.

All the Fishables (continuously updated).

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Crustaceables Collection.

From November 15th to November 22th a mini-collection of three crustaceous was published.

But the reality is not so fantastic.

Every year up to 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our ocean and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the waters than fishes.

So, after a one-year teaser phase, the project has been revealed: the new fish are a crasis between fish and plastic trash.

Extra contents

To bring out the personality of some fishes, animations have been created and posted as Instagram Stories.

Product placement

To spread The Fishables, some of my clients channels are occasionally used as “earned” media.