A boatswain knows – TV Commercial

A Boatswain knows everything.
His knowledge of the sea is deep, and it revives in this storytelling that involves all 5 senses.

Voiceover – I know everything about you. I know your smell, your color, any shade, any mood shift. I know how to handle you. And when it’s better to leave you alone. I can feel it. In the srreaming wind, in the salt on my skin. And in the intensity of your taste. Nostromo. He knows everything about the sea.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan
Executive Creative Director: Agostino Toscana
Creative Director: Alessandro Orlandi
Client Creative Director: Micaela Trani
Client Creative Director: Antonio Gigliotti
Art Director: Andrea Afeltra
Copywriter: Stefano Biasi
Production: Filmaster Productions
Director: Federico Brugia
Director of Photography: Angel Iguacel
Sound design: Guido Smider
Published: March 2016