A Narrated Leaf – Fashion Brand

A Narrated Leaf (which is the anagram of Andrea Afeltra) is my personal fashion brand:
it mixes fashion and streetstyle, with a strong DIY and craft approach.

Brand Manifesto

We’re in the XXI Century. Thanks to the Internet, people could learn everything. But most of them are lazy and settle for what they have. A NARRATED LEAF is about a story started in a garage. A story based on self-learning and DIY attitude. A story built turning page, changing and studying, which are all necessary steps to make things.
A NARRATED LEAF is not only a brand and the first collection, which is named MAKE THINGS, is an invitation, with the aim of pushing people to turn the page and make things.
The first drop of the MAKE THINGS Collection is composed by four pieces: a hoodie in two different colorways (black and forest green), a sweatshirt and a t-shirt. All the pieces have gone sold-out in a few weeks.