DNA Netflix – Integrated Corporate Campaign

Netflix users spend a lot of time choosing what to watch.
So, Netfix will offer them a list of 100% compatible contents, taking advantages of genetics to get where the algorithm fails.

The Drive to site is also performed through OOH, Social Network and PR.
Netflix – DNA OOH Mockup O01
Netflix – DNA OOH Mockup O02

The Kit – The first users who will arrive on the dedicated landing page will receive one of the 1000 free kits, directly at home. After collecting the saliva using the oral swab provided in the kit, they can send it to the analysis laboratory.

A few weeks later they will receive the results: the study of their personality and the playlist of 100% compatible content with them.
Netflix DNA – Kit

Agency: BCube, Milan
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stanich
Senior Art Director: Andrea Afeltra
Senior Copywriter: Davide Arini