Unicorn – PR

Unicorns are fantastic and magical creatures. Over the years they have become a symbol of the Pride and the values connected to it.
But the unicorn is an imaginary being. Something that doesn’t exist. Just as, for some people, LGBT+ rights.
But if unicorns existed?

Teaser – Three days before the Milan Pride Week 2019, we had an unbranded unicorn going around the city, attracting the attention of citizens. People loved and photographed it and the news went around Italy.

Reveal – The day before the Milano Pride 2019, we claimed the operation through a Facebook post by revealing its message: The rights. If you believe in them they become reality.

Milano Pride 2019 – To celebrate the operation, we’ve literally brought the unicorn to the Pride making it a sculpture on the Vitasnella float.

Agency: BCube, Milan
Executive Creative Director: Alessandro Orlandi
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stanich
Senior Art Director: Andrea Afeltra
Senior Copywriter: Davide Arini
Production: Mirata
Published: June 2019